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Atlas is a locally owned and operated construction supply company. We specialize in concrete accessories, Tilt-up construction products, framing hardware, waterproofing systems and many more related products. Our customer base ranges from the large general contractor working on multi-million dollar sites to homeowners who are looking to retrofit their home. With over 150 years of combined experience, we pride ourselves in having some of the most knowledgeable staff in the industry, prompt delivery to your job-site, and local inventories to serve you.

Atlas Construction Specialties Co., Inc. has enjoyed over 60 years of success in the Pacific Northwest. At Atlas, we are proud of our heritage and our success as a locally owned and operated business.

Atla Construction Spcialties in 1957 in Seattle WA
Company History
The Roots of Success

On May 1, 1957, brothers Tom and Bill Rutherford opened Atlas Construction Specialties in a small garage located in Ballard. The early product line was limited, yet essential to the building industry. Tom Rutherford was responsible for marketing products that are still at the core of our product lines today. These lines, in conjunction with many added product lines, keep Atlas Construction Specialties at the forefront of the industry in products and service. On April 1, 1959 our company moved to Warehouse 1 (at Seattle's Magnolia location). With this expansion, the brothers began manufacturing their own line of snap ties. Bill Rutherford served as Production Manager.

In 1975, Tom and Bill Rutherford sold the business to their daughters, and son-in-laws (Jim & Cathy Rose, Mary Rutherford Swierenga and Mike & Linda DeFrancisco). In 1988, Mike & Linda DeFrancisco and Mary Rutherford Swierenga retired, thus leaving Atlas in the competent hands of Jim & Cathy Rose.


In 2003 Jim & Cathy Rose retired and sold the business to their daughter and son-in-law, (Tim & Jennifer Wistrom) whom at that time had already been a integral part of Atlas, as well as setting a first in Atlas' history – ownership outside the family - by selling to their Sales Manager Dave Connors, and his wife Marisa.

With Dave, Tim, Jennifer, & Marisa now at the helm, Atlas has grown and expanded to two locations. We continue to review and add products and focus on the diverse needs of our customers.

Seattle's Construction "Specialties" Source

Seattle was host to the World's Fair, the region's showcase project of the 1960's. The construction of this site rendered the first opportunity for Atlas to experience significant growth. Our company’s products were used on the Space Needle and multiple structures at the site. From that time on, Atlas has provided products on virtually every major project in the greater Seattle area. Following the 50 years since the doors of our first small garage were opened for business, Atlas’ coverage area now ranges throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. We have expanded from a single warehouse to two locations, with over 60,000 square feet housing the numerous product lines, as shown in our product directory.

At every step, our company has learned and deepened our commitment to customer service and added value. At the root of this are Atlas's employees. Atlas highly values its employees and this is reflected by providing fair compensation, great benefits and a pleasant work environment. Each employee significantly impacts customer service and one of the ways to provide excellent customer service is to provide top benefits to our employees.

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